It originally aired on Fox in the United States on January 13, 2008. Vern: There's no mustache like my father's mustache That's the biggest mustache in town [Audience doesn't applaud] Vern: Play me off, Johnny [Johnny plays the piano] He walks past McBurgertown, a fast food restaurant that is on fire. What grace! Details File Size: 12945KB Duration: 8.646 sec Dimensions: 498x373 Created: 8/18/2020, 11:32:11 PM [4] MacFarlane participated in the writing process and did record the voices of the characters that he normally plays for the episode, but he did not approve or participate in any post-production done to the episode. [4][6] Brian and Stewie are shown watching the television drama, One Tree Hill. or. Fleeing the building in a madcap chase set to The Monkees' "Pleasant Valley Sunday", Mr. Cow reveals McBurgertown's practices and the bad health effects of its food to the media. What class! Share the best GIFs now >>> Sam Elliott is headed to Quahog on Sunday's episode of 'Family Guy.' [1][3] Series regulars Peter Shin and James Purdun acted as supervising directors for the episode. Stewie concedes defeat and asks Connie for one last kiss. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. [4] Peter tries to find good comedy material for Robin Williams. Mustache Aficionado. This is a reference to Heinz. Recurring voice actors Alex Breckenridge, Phil LaMarr, Ralph Garman, Mark Hentemann, Danny Smith, Alec Sulkin, Lisa Wilhoit and John Viener also made appearances. With the money, Where's my money, yeah, you got money to pay for fake mustaches. how much you pay for that fake mustache 290 - 900. The episode follows Peter as he saves the life of the owner of a fast-food restaurant and the owner gives him a lifetime supply of free hamburgers. In this clip, meet Wild Wild West and witness the miracle of mustache birth. Starring : Seth MacFarlane ( Peter Griffin , Brian Griffin , Stewie Griffin ), Alex Borstein ( Lois Griffin ), Seth Green ( Chris Griffin ), Mila Kunis ( … "My Father's Mustache" is a song sung by Vern and Johnny during the Quahog Community Talent Show in "Deep Throats". Posts about Family guy written by Los Bulls. [7] In Africa, Peter and Carter come across a sign that says "E. … What grace! Featured in WatchMojo: Top 10 Family Guy Episodes (2013) (TV Episode) What class! Peter loses the trial because the company has more lawyers, he offered the judge a cheap bribe, and because he has no evidence that McBurgertown was at fault. The Griffins take a trip to Italy and are forced to deal with annoying immigration laws after Peter destroys the family's passports. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. He rescues the manager from the fire, but is devastated that his mustache has been burned off. Realizing that Peter and Brian broke their promise, the tour guide sends two security men after them. Thankfully, other than a few filler scenes, "McStroke" turns out to be much more entertaining than one would expect. Mustache Italian: No! Yeah. Ooh! Realizing that this is the evidence that Peter needs to take down McBurgertown, Brian offers a deal to set Mr. Cow free in exchange for his help exposing McBurgertown. Lois, I am gonna grow a mustache. Firefighters notice Peter's mustache and give him a fire hose. Peter saves the life of the owner, but loses his mustache in the process. Let's put it in a lasagna tray. Huh. Create New Account. Share the best GIFs now >>> I wish I could tell you that the Monopoly guy fought the good fight, and the sisters let him be. Title: I’d have to imagine that the father of Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, has a pretty good sense of humor.If Ron MacFarlane’s mustache is any indication, he has a great big fluffy sense of humor. [8], The Parents Television Council, a frequent critic of the show, condemned it as the "Worst TV Show of the Week" for January 25, 2008, their central point of criticism concerned the subplot involving Stewie and Connie D'Amico. man don't make a fool out of me. At the grand re-opening, Peter drowns his sense of loss with 30 hamburgers, causing a stroke that paralyzes the left half of his body. She graded "McStroke" C-. Create New Account. We strongly suggest it. Peter is reluctant to risk injury rescuing a man trapped in the building, but rationalizes "with great mustache comes great responsibility". Peter sues a fast food chain after he suffers a stroke from eating over 30 hamburgers in one sitting. Using the name "Zac Sawyer", Stewie easily wins over Connie D'Amico and her clique, winning the bet. I want my my money. [6] Peter's paralysis is cured by stem cell experiments. Peter decides to grow a mustache, since he believes his life will be better that way. This episode of Family Guy was hysterical. And all because of a little upper lip hair. The tour guide says that room is off-limits, then excuses himself for a 30-minute bathroom break. Club called the episode "very haphazard" and wrote that there were only "a couple of solid gags sprinkled throughout". Yeah. [6] Robert Pierson from the TV Critic gave the episode a mixed review, he stated that "the jokes are pretty good and although the stories are badly written they are not overly annoying", he ended his review by giving the episode a 46 out of 100. Let's put it in a lasagna tray. But the manager gives him free burgers for life. I want my my money. "McStroke" is the eighth episode of season six of the animated comedy series Family Guy. With the money, Where's my money, yeah, you got money to pay for fake mustaches. When Peter has his mustache, he enters an Italian deli and assumes that he can speak Italian because of his mustache. Go ahead and try it! Share the best GIFs now >>> Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? See more of Family Guy on Facebook. In the B story, Stewie and Brian wager that Stewie can disguise himself as a high schooler and become the most popular kid in less than a week. [4][6] Singer and actor Will Smith is shown rapping positive and kid-friendly lyrics. [phone rings] Hello, every pizza place. It is for awhile, until he is mistaken for a fireman because they apparently all have mustaches. Log In. how much you pay for that fake mustache 290 - 900. or. With Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis. View production, box office, & company info, reference to star trek ii the wrath of khan, Top Best Shows and their Top Best Episodes, Family Guy All Episodes bc IMDB sucks balls. It received mixed reviews from critics. With Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis. It originally aired on Fox in the United States on January 13, 2008. Peter then tries to sue McBurgertown for causing his stroke. Mike Henry Bruce is a major recurring character on Family Guy, known for his various jobs. Create New Account. Use the HTML below. Lois, I am gonna grow a mustache. While in Africa, Lois uses her smart phone to call Uber, a ride sharing service, which in the episode, arrives in the form of a black rhino, as signified by the "UberBLACK" symbol for their premium car service. The episode was written by Wellesley Wild and it was directed by Brian Iles. Directed by Mike Kim, Dominic Bianchi, James Purdum. The episode was written by Wellesley Wild, who has been with the show since its fourth season. 2 of 2 people found this review helpful. Peter and Brian walk past McBurgertown and it is on fire. This is one of the episodes that did not have show creator Seth MacFarlane's work in post-production because he was participating in the Writers Guild of America strike.

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