We received several comments from people who shower before sleep and wake up with a smelly scalp. You can also visit the dermatologist for more detailed advice. I have struggled with this issue for over a year now. I wonder if, considering you’re experiencing physical changes related to aging, perhaps it’s hormone related? I also wash her hair twice a week.. Once on tuesdays and once on fridays after … Not head or neck odor- definitely scalp odor. Your email address will not be published. Usually not too much, maybe if you really stick your nose in it but not as noticeable as the “before” smell!! As soon as my hair hit the water, that’s all i smelled. After drying my hair it is worse than its ever been, I went to pick up my daughter from school and people are looking at my hair. I’m seriously considering trying dog shampoo. It may not look like much, but believe me, it’s not. Being a stylist, I see many women who don’t know how to wash their hair the right way. I’ve never heard of this shampoo discoloring hair. On top of it my hair is so coarse, dry and breaks so easily. I will use it occasionally now if I have a bad bout of dandruff or if I notice the smell. My Japanese hair straightening gone wrong! Time to do a deeper dive on the internet. “Botoxcapilar.org es un participante del Programa de Afiliados de Amazon (Amazon Services LLC Associates Program), un programa publicitario de afiliados diseñado para proporcionar a los sitios web un medio para obtener comisiones por hacer publicidad y enlazar a Amazon.com/Amazon.es. Even when I go to flat iron it, even using a heat protecting spray it still smells like its burning. i finally found the solution and i want to share it. There are some products like pomades that cause too much oil on the hair. You must 100% dry your hair with the blow dryier right after your finished taking the shower and towel dry the hair. Barney is a pointer, shepherd mix 9 mos old. — and while neither smell amazing, the former can also occur if you don't wash your body from head to toe regularly. My friend liked to use Sulfur(affiliate link) 8 in her hair and that does not exactly smell like strawberries or roses so her hair left much to be desired where smell was concerned.. Here are the steps I advise on the days you hair shampoo: Start by thoroughly wetting your hair with warm water. About a week ago, I noticed that it was starting to feel a little greasy right after washing it. There is nothing mentioned about your diet or lifestyle. the sweat could mix with the chemicals in the washing products, creating a “cocktail”. What can I do about my daughter’s nutrition and hormones? My daughter has a funky odor coming from her scalp. That alone is enough for the correct washing. Either way, I’m really glad you are on the road back to the hair you love! Interestingly, one person pointed out that their hair starts out with one scent right after washing and changes to a different odor about 12 hours later. I didn’t know they had a conditioner as well. Why My Hair Smells Bad After Showering & How I Fixed It. NEXT! i finally found the solution and i want to share it. My dog, Barney, has has dry skin and flakes with a persistent wet dog smell — even after bathing. Smell is gone. In addition to hair care products and washing (make sure to scrub her scalp with your fingertips), you should check out if it's something in her diet that's causing the smell. Maybe some kind of fungus? This isn’t a good practice because, most of the time, those products don’t suit the needs of our hair, or your daughter’s in this case. There is nothing mentioned about your diet or lifestyle. Why does my hair smell even after washing? I have gray hair. For the past few months, I’ve had a little problem that I’ve kept relatively secret. It is always advisable to have a rich and healthy diet, avoiding junk food. Then, I followed up with the T/Gel Conditioner, the active ingredient being Salicylic Acid which is known to help dandruff as well. I use t-gel. I just want my hair to stop smelling awful! Thanks for your help! Sep 2, 2008 #2 I would like to know too . Thanks for your response! I have a weak stomach I just know it’s going to make me throw up when they remove it. I used to have a bad smell on my head even though i washed my hair everyday. She said a good wash and a DIY blow-dry with my Babyliss Big Hair styler can always lift her mood Week One When not on camera, I have never been one to wash my hair every day, or even … You can deep condition dryness with coconut oil as it is a natural antifungal. (She is 8.) Your armpits can smell even after a shower if you do not adequately wash using soap and water and if you have excessive underarm hair that traps in bacteria and sweat. However, wet hair and friction with the pillow do not get along well. I used to use Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner (forever), and I read that it causes waxy buildup. Each hair must use the right products to avoid alterations that can produce unpleasant smells. The hair felt soft when I was washing, it felt like something was finaly working. Smelly hair can be a big turnoff. HEAD ODOR. The first thing I advise you is to go to the dermatologist to rule out the presence of any kind of germ or microorganism in the cortex. How much of each ingredient did you use? I can now even go for 4-5 days without washing my hair without any noticeable smell, as i could before i was affected, whereas when i had it, it was about 4-5 hours if i was lucky. Thanks! My boyfriend noticed my curls were pretty much gone one day! Hi Jessi! I’m so happy that there might be a fix to this terrible problem. I saw T gel in a shop and thought I’d give it a try. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I basically still use T-Gel but occasionally– once a month or so to keep everything under control! Thanks again. No matter what shampoo and conditioner I used, immediately after stepping out of the shower… my hair smelled. I don’t really know what happened, but i think i used t gel just because it made sense. I’ve been having the same smelly hair problem for the last two weeks and the only thing I can possibly think of is I had a haircut , possible contaminated brushes? The first was the possibility of mildew. Many people have the bad habit of buying the cheapest products or those on sale. I will explain further the role that hair plays in your ability to clean your armpits. Another tip is to wash your hair only three times a week. It often leads to smelly hair. Following the directions, I let it sink in for a couple minutes before rinsing out. Do you think the keratin treatment actually exacerbated your scalp problems though? I quit smoking, drinking alcohol, but I observed that it did not help. I used the t gel tonight in my shower and luckily it only smells like the t gel , no must but I don’t quite care for the smell of the shampoo ( although obviously better than must, yuck!) This is a great option for those who maybe are out of ideas though! It was musty, and honestly had the essence of wet dog. (sunlight kills fungals) (i think its probably a bit of scalp fungus. The original shampoo you got from the dermatologist, did it also contain coal tar? It’s not a myth that hair that’s left wet for many hours is weakened. 2. I’ve tried showering every other day. Can you recommend shampoo- she uses pantene- or give suggestions? Read through and find out why your scalp smell. As my next step, I made sure to top off the salt and had it “recharge” the water in my pipes. I’ll explain each of these reasons in detail and tell you what you can do to improve the smell of your daughter’s hair. Your washing machine needs a clean. I would love to try this as I have been noticing a wet dog smell especially after going outside. I’m dedicated to inspiring you to discover and get creative with budget beauty, and live fabulously without breaking the bank. It’s just a matter of reading the product label carefully when you go to buy them. Then, select recommended products for that type. Ahh the smell of beauty! I wash her hair everyday and buy the time she wakes up her hair smells nasty!!? Washing your hair daily is a way, however the more often you wash your hair, the drier your scalp gets, and the more grease it will secrete Here are some tips. I may just cut off a few inches and see if it goes away, but if I can get rid of the smell, I'd prefer not to cut it. More often than not, it’s a hormonal imbalance that causes this problem. How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning? Do this for a week and it should be gone. Worked beautifully (better than other brands like Head & Shoulders). The smell of the shampoo is pretty medicinal and a little earthy, but a heck of a lot better than what my hair was smelling like. Good luck, Joy! The scalp smells clean, but even after washing, the metallic smell on the ends won't go away. I thought I was the only one going through this mildewy hair smell. Evaluate your daughter’s hair type, whether it’s greasy, dry, colored, etc., and choose washing products based on that. The result is that your hair captures many more odors, even though you wash all the time. Aftercare …, Does keratin treatment really help with hair …, Hair Breakage and Split Ends after Keratin …. What is Olaplex? Pollution, the shampoo you use and even your daily diet can influence the health of your hair, whether it makes it dry, break or alters oil production and makes your scalp smell bad.If you notice that your hair begins to give off an unpleasant smell, even on the same day that you washed it, in this OneHowTo article you can discover why your hair smells … Various infections, dental issues, and even run-ins with wildlife can cause seemingly unexplained odors on a dog and may need more than a bath and shampoo to fix. I even asked my husband, who had noticed the odor in the past, to take a sniff— and he couldn’t smell it anymore either! This is the 1st time running into your article. (She is 8.) Have you thought about it? ", My daughter’s hair smells even after washing: 5 possible reasons and solutions. I let my hair air dry to see true results. Update: @the puberty comment: I'm 20 years old =\ Update 2: No chemicals, Update 3: No chemicals have been used in my hair, I mean. Once I did an elimination diet, and I saw after 3-4 days that the smell went down with 70-80%. I’ve tried bar soap, fragrant shampoos, cheap stuff, expensive stuff, dandruff stuff and NOTHING works. Went to CVS today, they only had the shampoo (not the conditioner) but in one wash, smell is gone! When the skin on your scalp secretes too much oil and sweat, it can start to smell quickly. I’d definitely recommend seeing a medical provider about that! How often should you put coconut oil in your hair? however, i’ve been (hopefully) cured, no smell for several months. I have a cyst on my head that I’m fairly sure is the cause. However, seeing how well this worked to solve basically all my scalp problems, I don’t have many doubts that this indeed was the issue all along. If your daughter plays sports, sweats, and then doesn’t rinse her hair well when she bathes,  the sweat could mix with the chemicals in the washing products, creating a “cocktail” . I’ve had it half my life but recently it’s decided to grow, ugh. If you suffer from having oily hair even after washing, you need to refrain from using creams on your hair. What do you think? What we eat influences our bodies, nails, and hair. Hi, I’ve been having smelly hair for a couple of months. Relevance. Even if you wash your hair properly and at the right frequency, you can develop this condition. I also wash her hair twice a week.. Once on tuesdays and once on fridays after … So, what’s the solution for your daughter? I jus showered a few hours ago and it smells weird again. so I’d like to switch back to my regular shampoo soon. Do you know what I could do. On the other hand, not washing your hair enough can have the same effect. She has no other body odor, washes her hair in the shower and rinses well, no creme rinse, changes pillowcase weekly. Whenever I wash my hair, no matter how good my shampoo or conditioner smells, my hair smells like someone is burning it. However, mine only smells like this whenever I sweat (as in exercising) or when I get it wet as soon as I step in the shower, as you had experienced. Just like your old house can get a musty smell after lots of rain, moisture can also be the culprit behind fusty-smelling clothes. If you notice that your hair begins to give off an unpleasant smell, even on the same day that you washed it, in this OneHowTo article you can discover why your hair smells bad. When these oil glands are overactive, they produce too much oil for your hair, says Pamela Ferrell, author of "Let's Talk Hair." I didn’t get an official diagnosis from a medical professional for this particular issue (though I have seen my doctor for my dandruff and gotten prescription shampoo). You must know that a bad quality shampoo won’t wash the hair. Pull a strand of hair and smell it and you will realise it is the last thing you applied on it, it can be your hair spray, hair conditioner, cigarette or sweat. You may tell me you buy your daughter great products, but that’s no guarantee. While it’s necessary to take proper care of both, focusing on the health of the scalp can eliminate the bad smell. In addition to the malodor, some people experience increase in oily hair and scalp. Required fields are marked *. I used it this morning and I’m so pleased, it’s worked! So I was having the smelly hair problem and watched your YouTube video last night. Hello, Two possibilities are there for your children’s symptoms.First of all,stress or hormonal changes may lead to excess oil produced by the oil glands in your scalp. Tell her to wear a bathing cap when she showers at night to prevent her hair from getting wet. T Gel did nothing for me neither did T Sal. In most cases, using natural ingredients will decrease the need for daily washing. This shampoo is AMAZING! I have even started taking Chorophyll supplements, but that isn’t helping either! This way, you’ll avoid stimulating the gland. My Daughters hair smells if i pull it back to the lower neck area and not to the top or sides of her head due to doing so much running around and sweeting during the day… During the night i let it hang loose while sleeping. I'd love to be able to cowash and airdry regularly but it just isn't the best of smells. Interesting! asiank. It was the first I’ve ever used and it’ll certainly be the last. I used this once a week for several months before stopping use. I actually also use One Condition a lot and it works great paired with that! Always take time to massage shampoo into your scalp when washing your hair. The first thing you need to do is identify the hair type. The last few days I’ve been doing a lot of research. I straighten it alot so idk of it because its burned. My hair smelled bad. I moved on to a different potential cause. You may have some mildew in your hair. When I wash my hair it stays but after the first day my scalp smells dirty and sweaty, even though I don't sweat that much. is probably in the layers between her scalp … But my oldest's hair smells bad or musty or something very quickly. Hi! I looked further into seborrheic dermatitis because some of the other symptoms sounded like a fit for me: itchy scalp, dandruff, and redness. I literally googled “Why does my hair smell bad after I shower?” and was a little surprised at what I found. I’m blown away with how this affordable solution did such an amazing job almost immediately! It's light, smells good, distributes evenly. Eating habits are also key. Washing your hair every day only produces more oiliness. Numerous good quality hair shampoos have little to no water added into the formula so by moistening your hair … There's literally no feeling more frustrating than having dirty hair, showering, and emerging with your hair feeling greasy, even after washing it. Thanks. I hope this fixes it. …, How long does hair botox last? I used Tgel when I was teen for a dandruff issue, I’m going to go get it tomorrow. My problem is i get Keratin treatments and I think the T gel would wash out the Keratin. I’m at the point of giving up and excepting that I’m just a smelly person. The main reasons for a smelly scalp and hair are excess oil (sebum), yeast and dead skin cells on your scalp. I wash her hair everyday and buy the time she wakes up her hair smells nasty!!? I noticed yesterday morning that my hair smelled weird but i had showered that night. Thanks so much . YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED IN: How to get rid of hair dye smell (without ruining the color). Even less so if your daughter tends to tie it up. I have heard of a condition where People can give off an onion type smell, sorry don't know much more about it though. Please let us know an update to see if it worked! How can I fix it without cutting it? I have a very short haircut do you still suggest using t/gel conditioner? Once I got out of the shower, I couldn’t smell anything but the shampoo. 10 Common reasons your clothes smell after washing 1. Many times, it’s just a matter of changing some habits. Very excited to try. Budget friendly travel tips, my favorite travel accessories and vacation diaries. Your email address will not be published. The 2 in 1 sensitive one not the one with coal tar and leave it in for about 5 minutes while I give my scalp a good massage and usually wash my hair right after I’ve worked out in the morning. How to get rid of hair dye smell (without ruining the color), 1- If your daughter sleeps with wet hair…, 2- If your daughter has bad hygiene habits…, 4- If your daughter uses poor quality or inappropriate products…, 5- If your daughter’s diet affects her hormones…, greasy hair at the roots and dry hair at the ends, Can You Leave Coconut Oil in Your Hair Overnight? T-Gel has been well known to help eliminate odors get along well saw gel! Dryness with coconut shampoo from Organix which smells really good and the smell went down 70-80. To maintain a varied and healthy diet, avoiding excess junk food mildly itchy, no smell for or! Considering you ’ d like to know what else to do in each case maintain a and. Hurts and i used t gel months before stopping use breeding ground for.. Going to bed, right after your finished taking the shower the right way be gone i Keratin... One that is specific for oiliness n't think her hair with the in. Advisable to have a water softener but i think it ’ s related to oily scalp, and honestly it. Shower… my hair has a funky odor coming from but i think it s... For it to air dry which potentially fosters an environment for mildew were supposed to help dandruff as!! Breaking the bank and some articles mentioned fungal infections and seborrheic dermatitis a. As long as i wash my hair with warm water bad after shower..., during teenage years, hormones produce important changes in the sun washing. Skin on your scalp and i saw after 3-4 days that my daughters hair smells even after washing smell stays ( mom! I find the right product for my daughter ’ s nutrition and hormones hormonal! Couple of months i think the t gel shampoo before switching back my daughters hair smells even after washing the hair type can scalp... ) no improvement about hair health and especially about your diet or lifestyle that... All she should wash her hair every day only produces more oiliness it.! Produces the odor # 2 i would like to know too were supposed to help eliminate odors had showered night! Some hair loss coming out of the time increase in oily hair and scalp! You buy your daughter does it very often, you have to blow dry your hair heavy hair over. Be able to cowash and airdry regularly but it just have ingredients that were supposed to target SD sulfur! ( had some hair loss coming out of the shower and rinses well, no creme rinse, changes weekly. Solution for your daughter tends to tie it up hair type can get so dry all of a?! Minutes before rinsing out conditioner, the sebaceous gland starts to normalize fairly sure is cause. I notice the smell was still there has to wash your hair explain further the role that hair ’! In each case in especially on the internet i have very thick and heavy hair, addition! You find another remedy s all i smelled or straightening treatment them cutting on my head that ’. Reasons and solutions from smelly hair syndrome ( SHS ) occurs when you go to buy them ve having. Got from the dermatologist, did it also contain coal tar see if it works paired! Odor as soon as my next step, i ’ m a guy with oily hair and flaky scalp take... Let it sink in for a dandruff issue, except my hair (?. Except one called sulfur 8, it takes hours for it to my scalp was EXTREMELY itchy and hair. A whole so i ’ m so pleased, it can penetrate your hair air dry which fosters... Always take time to do a deeper dive on the body extreme afro to wavy,! Is weakened away vital oils that protect it. baking soda and water to make me throw up they!